In the 2016-17 season, Harden was one of the foul shots allowed by the NBA's three-point line foul. One of the ways he made fouls was to take the initiative to reach out to each other's hands and force the ball to take the free throw. Strictly speaking, this is actually offensive foul, but the referee last season will give Harden free throw. But now limited edition porcelain to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins launch, Harden will be blown offensive foul.


In the above context, Harden's foul ability is still very tough, he demonstrated in today's race. Harden scored 19 free throws the entire game, he caused a foul by breaking the tempo of change, controlled by a rhythm outside the arc into foul opponents, opponents hiding no hide, impossible to hide. From this point of view, the limit is only limited to Harden's irregular foul, but his foul capacity still.


Free throw is Hindon's impressive place today, and his two other impressive places are defensive attitude and desire to win. Rockets most of the time today, 21 points behind, the first half of the third quarter was a Raptor hitting, but Harden did not give up, he defended again and again, again and again to organize the attack, helping the Rockets a little closer to the score, or even Once saw the hope of victory.