"I do not care who you are, and I do not allow anyone to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins dislike my family as much as that," Kant said in a previous interview. "Because when I worked for a team, I treated my team mates as family members." No matter James or who I do not allow you to disobey my family like this Coach, General Manager, President, The team knows what they're doing, Nilkina is a rookie and you can not say anything to a rookie I do not care who you are or who James, I do not care, I do not allow anyone so disrespectful to my family.


And James responded to Canter before the game: "Canter always said something, I do not know what's wrong with him."In yesterday's game, Canter and James clashed, the referee intervened to separate the two, giving both technical fouls. Cantter said he told James: "He is a rookie, you can call yourself king or something, but you can not interfere with a rookie, and if you intervene, you disrupt those adults. Whenever I will try my best, my team, teammates as my family. "