The data will not lie, but on the surface but with confusion, the reason why there is a high score, low offensive inefficiency, because the Nets averaged as many as 106.75 bouts, ranked No. 1 in the league, and the Warriors value Ranked  5 in the league, it is clear that if the Nets want to upset they need to bring up the speed, but another possibility of NBA Live Mobile Coins speeding up is getting done sooner because they face the Warriors.


After losing to the Celtics, the Warriors just finished a big reversal against the 76ers, who were 22 points behind at the end of the first half, which tied the biggest reversal of half-team history In 1988, the Warriors reversed the Spurs at halftime with 22 points behind. In the third quarter, the Warriors won 32 points, through this battle, they once again proved that the team has a very strong fault tolerance, they can accept any passive situation, you can feel bad condition, but only one section, Can make the situation completely reversed.