About the age of 33, James is playing 38.6 minutes per game this season, the longest game player this season. Knight during this four-game winning streak, James's playing time is even reached 40.2 minutes. James scored their own points, but also organize teammates to attack, at the same time bear the heavy responsibility on the defensive end, not only to NBA Live Mobile Coins defensive front Wei players, the crucial moment of the game but also to fight the big man. During this four-game winning streak, James defeated Borgingez and Griffin.

James is also flesh and blood, both sides of the offensive and defensive consumption, will bring hidden dangers. If Taylor-Lu can make Osman more play time, James can take a rest, after all, a season is not a sprint, but a marathon, a relaxation is more reasonable.Since entering the 21st century, the Western Conference has always been the NBA's ruler, but also produced Bryant - Bryant, Tim - Duncan, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki, Stephen - Curry, James - Harden, Russell - Westbrook, Kevin - Durant and other superstar. The Eastern Conference is LeBron - James and challenge his 14 teams.