This season, the Reds offensive front suffered injury invasion miserable, starting left tackle Trent - Williams (knee), starting center Spencer - Lang (knee, quadriceps tendonitis), starting guard Brendan Sheffer (Low back sprained, MCL sprained), TJ-Clemmons, Swinging tackle Tyne-Ensek (core muscle group), starting right tackle Morgan-Maussys (Ankle) and Reserve Nurse Feng Taylor - Cattleana (concussion) have large and small injuries, see this list of injuries you may not be easy to Madden 18 Coins understand why Cousins ??was captured 25 times as many.


Last week, fighting the New Orleans saints, although the redskins lost the game, but play remarkable, but the last minute defense team did not stretch and the error was eventually overturned lore, this is not the worst, the main run Wei Kesi - Thompson fibula fracture season reimbursement, coupled with the main injury before running back Rob - Kelly, the Redskins the first two running back Wei all sent to the hospital. This season, the Redskins won 4 wins and 6 losses record, if it is not injury they could have played better, the fact that cleverness is no straw, in the current situation, if they want to enter the playoffs, future matches Every game must be won to catch up with the first name Philadelphia eagle partition is impractical, but grab a wild card with the cowboy or play.