Not only that, in the success rate of firefighting, Telstr?m is also very amazing, coupled with the game was shot three times, Trstr?m made a total of 42 saves this season, of FIFA 18 Coins which the number of successful saves 37 times, save the success rate of 88.09%. In Barcelona and Juventus after the game, the famous data statistics media opta data show that Telstrant in the opponent's last 24 shots, he has had 23 successful saves, saves the success rate of up to 96 %.


Benzema in the new season after the war because of the poor state of the media and fans shelled, and in the Champions League fifth round of the Greek athletic competition scored twice, Benzema also INS on their own Blasted the fans and the media questioned. He took a photo of Lionel Messi and pictured that he and Messi were the only players in the history of the Champions League to score goals for 13 consecutive seasons.