Team doctor Steve - Spiro found James in the midfield, LeBron's face was opened a hole in the two then went to the locker room, you can see, the left part of James mouth swollen slightly, when LeBron eager to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins return to the game, he also urged the team doctor to be able to be faster when the needle.


"I was there to urge the team doctor faster, I hope to return to the game earlier, but they also took some time to finish the sewing, because they also did not expect this happens, in the process, I can only Stay patient and I want to be back on the court quickly, and when I'm not there, we're not good, especially in the second quarter, "James said.


On the basis of only 10 points in the first three quarters, James started to break out in the distal section. He scored 23 points in a single section, including 18 consecutive points. James scored only 2 points less than his career single-point scoring record in 2014 He played 25 points against the Bobcats in the third quarter of the year, scoring 61 points in that game. At the same time, in this game, James's three-point shot exceeded the 1500 mark, becoming the 26th league history to complete this milestone in the player.