Durant needs to care for his sprained ankle, which is his second absence this week and he did not play away to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins the Nets this Monday. Durant chose to comeback this Thursday when he played against the Thunder. He played 33 minutes in that game, scoring 21 points, five rebounds, two assists and two steals, but the Warriors 91-108 In the thunder.


Green is on holiday, this season he played in the previous 18 games. An important factor in Green's rotation is that the Warriors are going to play three games in the next four days, and besides today's Bulls match, they will also be at home against Pelicans and Kings this Sunday and next Tuesday .


The Warriors have proved they can still win without a giant, and on November 9 they beat the Timberwolves in the absence of Durant, and on Nov. 14 they defeated Magic in the absence of Curry. But today's race is a new challenge for the Warriors because they lack the two giants, even though the Bulls have a record-breaking 3-13.