When asked if he has contracted with the team, Alonso said, "Not yet, but we already have some ideas for network warfare with fans once a month, and fans can not only compete with our top riders Interact and play with me.I 'll be slower and only a little higher than my amateur level.We have a lot of fun and this is a top priority.We're going to develop a platform for everyone in the world to participate in "


F1 after the free media group to Forza 7 Credits promote F1 in the promotion of all media. Sean Bruecher, director of commercial development at Formula One, believes that Alonso's decision to run an eSports team will greatly facilitate F1's promotion among young fans.


"Fernando's brand is the pillars of F1's success in entering the young market, just as other brands are trusted in other markets. Many drivers and athletes enter the business community after they retire, and I think it's a fun engagement It's also a big deal, and it's going to be bigger and bigger, and F1 and Fernando are entering the early stages of this business, but it's been two years since, "said Brechin Said.