Sub-day competition, Bertens and Anderson even send mistakes, Dallas Mavericks defender Barea naturally not miss the opportunity, 3 fast-break layup, the Mavericks hit 7-0 attack wave 30-21 pull open Poor, forcing Popovich to request a pause. Suspended after the Mavericks take another 4 points, the advantages expanded to double-digit, this time the referee will once out of the ball after the ball awarded to the Mavericks, but the slow-motion replay obviously the Mavericks touch the ball out of Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins bounds, Popovich Very dissatisfied with this, roar referee even eat technical foul twice, was deported, Chief Assistant Messina will serve as a temporary coach.


Barnes smiled twice after the technical foul penalty, Smith sent Powell to complete the air relay, followed by Smith counterattack layup, the Mavericks 40-28 lead. A continuous foul, 4 free throws, Mills soared in the third, the Spurs chase 37-44. Harris even in the second two-thirds to help the Mavericks to stabilize the situation, but "Wong Ama" after dropping the bag assists Gasol easily put the basket, Mills chase into the third, the Spurs shot a wave of 9-0 Half chase 46-53.