Pole start and once lead Nearly half of the game let - Eric - Verne hold the end of the game from Mahindra driver Nick - Highfield attack was runner-up.After the start of the race, pole vanguard Verne started very quickly, leaving behind the Byrd no chance to occupy the inside of the first bend. The French secured a firm lead. Highfield was "ambitious" in the first bend trying to surpass from the outside, and even rose to second. However, due to narrowing the track when out of the bend, the Germans reluctantly dropped to fourth.


Brazilian sports car's "hope of Forza 7 Credits the planet" Pippo-Delaney made the fastest lap in qualifying the final moment, beat Yao-Jackie Chan DC Circuit 8th Thomas - Lauren 0.157 seconds for the BBT team "Near zero" Japan's Fuji Speedway pole position.


In fact, when Delaney improved his performance, the Chinese team reacted promptly to get Lauren back on track trying to regain the lead. However, due to the track temperature is too low, it is difficult for French experts to make Michelin tires into working temperature, second place.