The second half of the Cowboys again full open fire, large external Deeth - Bryant by large yards to catch the ball to help promote the team at the same time, but also in the area leaping high, in the defensive player's head scored a touchdowns . Reds team steady, Josh - Dokter Sen with an external play with Dez - Bryant in almost the same way, in the other cornerback off the top of the touchdowns, not to Madden 18 Coins score too much . In the final moments of the game, the Cowboys used the red old Alfred - Morris constantly washed the ball away from the road and time also won a touchdowne kill match, discouraged red ball finally lost a ball, the final away 14:38 loss to Dallas cowboy, defeat and return.


Home game Jacksonville Jaguar in the first quarter to lead the way, quarterback Bolts continued to pass forward, the connection Marquis - Lee easily complete touchdowns, the second quarter Jaguar use the first section of Pushing a free-kick hit will expand the lead to 10 points, followed by Boltstes again shot a rainbow pass to find Kieran - Cole the next city. Jaguar made the second half the second touchdowns, continuous pass to promote the Red Zone, the front 5 yards, running back Leonat - Fornette easy to drill into the end zone, 2 points converted labeled, Jaguar Scored 21 points ahead. The rest of the game almost into junk time, the Colts dying struggled to let TY Hilton only regain a touchdowns, the last section of the Jaguar attack with time consuming and paranoid defense does not give opponents any chance, the final 30: 10 Winning Indianapolis Colts.