Britt is only 18 completed this season to Madden Coins catch 233 yards and 2 touchdowns - which means that every catch will bring him nearly 600,000 knife income. Britt appeared a series of dropped off the ball, which makes the coaching staff had to doubt whether he is still willing to play.


Prior to Brown's face of the Texans this season, Britt was sent home early due to a curfew on his team. In the game with the Vikings in London, the coaching staff simply let him sit on the bench. Brown team had hoped to find a veteran town for their own young team leader, but Britt denied the actual action, and even bring the team a variety of headaches.


Patriots do not need "leader" Britt, they only need to find a fifth catching point for Tom Brady. Brentin - Cuxhaven, Danny - Amendola and Chris - Hogan priority in Britt, but if Britt is efficient enough, he will share the opportunity with Phillip Dorset .