Perhaps this season raiders just a few feet away from the playoffs, after the game Karl in the conference also the team defeat all in his body: "I had a chance to win the game, but the victory from my fingers "This is what young people should do and what it must pay for success.


Houston Texans faced ruthless bloody Jackson Jackson Jaguars in the same district last Sunday with head coach Bill O'Brien having a very ugly face after the match. The next day when he appeared in the interview area, O'Brien asked if he would choose to Madden 18 Coins leave Texas after the end of the season.


Bill O'Brien categorically said: "I will never take the initiative to dismiss the Texan coach." O'Brien then repeated the phrase again: "I will not resign as head coach of Texans I do not even know that it's circulating outside. I do not know where you got the news, and I think you should ask the person who revealed it to you. "