When the chiefs picked up Patrick-Mallholis III in the April draft, Smith had already reached a countdown to the Chief's time. Managing Director John Dorsey's departure does not seem to Madden Coins change anything, and it looks like head coach Andy Reid is not uncomfortable trading quarterbacks. Remember how Reid treated Donovan McNabb? He traded him to the Redskins opponents in the same district, starting with substitutes Kevin Cobb and Michael Wick.


In fact, Smith's excellent play this year is adding Reid chips. With two more games to play, Smith leads the league in "Quarterback Scores", "Beam Cut-Offs," and a modified "pass-in-one". He just signed a 17 million contract a year, I think the transaction to his team should be willing to extend his contract. After seeing Smith dramatically improve his short pass and mid-range pass accuracy, it is easy to conclude that he will have a decent appearance after age 35.