Kane is the center of the six giants in the number of  Cheap FIFA 18 Coins  goals scored the most, reaching 15, but the assists but ranked last in first place, only one to create the absolute goal of four times, the middle reaches, while shooting The accuracy is only 37%, the lowest of six. Aguero scored 12 goals and assists 4 times, scoring second only to Kane, and in creating absolute scoring opportunities, Aguero's data is eight times, among the six centers in the first shot, shooting accuracy 41%, among the six middle reaches.


Rakazat scored eight assists and two assists, scoring and assists less than the number, but shooting accuracy was as high as 47%, ranked sixth in the center of the second, and in the absolute number of opportunities to create four times many. Chelsea center Moratta scored 9 goals this season, assists and 4 times, the data are in the middle, shooting accuracy of 43%, the absolute number of opportunities to create three times, also in the middle of the six people.