In these years, people have seen two faces of Wenger. In the renewal of "account of the five good men," Wenger Chi proud, his eyes shine, his ambition and ambition, so that he seems a lot younger. However, looking at Fabregas, Henry, Van Persie and other generations of emperors star because of salary, because of the trophy and other factors to FIFA Coins leave, his white hair and vicissitudes of life is heartbreaking. Today, Sanchez and ?zil want to leave, all England are worried about Arsenal, but Arsene Wenger's eyes are extremely firm, he told everyone, as long as the professor here, Arsenal who no matter less, Still alive.


Perhaps this is the biggest mistake Arsene Wenger: Arsenal, he dared to back up, and his fourteen years younger than Mourinho hot clashes; for Arsenal, he could refuse to offer large incredible Paris big temptation to continue Stay in the hottest but toughest league in the world; and for Arsenal he can put the club's profits and long-term viability in the first place, putting up with everything sent by hundreds of millions of people around the world On the "4" ridicule and cold-headed. Football segment Arsenal exclusive Bacheng, which for a sacrifice for Arsenal 21 years, struggling football for life of the elderly, how cruel thing!