No one thought Bill would have reached the playoffs before the start of the season and saw his hopes of Madden Coins a winning streak in the early part of the season, but after a quarter-concordant farce swallowed the 3-game losing streak in the middle of the season Their playoff dream suddenly woke up, but Bill won four wins and two draws in the last six weeks, miraculously reaching the playoffs. And no one knows Bill will not create some shocking in the playoffs without burden?


Lightning this week need to win their own circumstances also need the other two conditions at the same time set up to reach the playoffs. Although the last other conditions did not hold, but Rivers and his lightning at least do what they should do. Rivers handed over 37 passes, 28 387 yards, 3 touchdowns of touchdowns highlight data, including nine pressure-laden pockets in nine completed (two failed to pass a ball is a Pockets thrown out of bounds and the other one is caused by the hand-catcher), in exchange for 120 yards and 1 touchdowns, the pressure under the pass score 155.8 points, almost perfect.