Although the last week the Jaguar in the face of Titan lost, but the team's defense is still very Jaguar, their defensive team again and again to defeat Titan's attack, to Madden Coins fill the pit attacking team, in other words a lost Jaguar The win game. This is only a microcosm of the team's defensive team throughout the season, this season the Jaguars averaged 16.9 points the league second lowest anti-pass efficiency ranked first in the league, 16 games will be half the opponent's score is controlled at 10 points or less, regardless of Is the frontline but second-line, fast accurate ruthless grapple for countless stars difficult.


Some fans nicknamed the Jaguar Sacksonville, because of its fierce rushed pass, 55 sacks ranked first in all teams to kill list, in the defense of the second line, Jaguar's defense field lost 169.9 yards at least, two The main cornerback AJ Boyer and Jay - Ramsey all selected occupation bowl starter. Offensive win the game, defending to win the championship, when the Baltimore Ravens had a row with a fierce defense to win the following Super Bowl, and now the Jaguar defense than the Crow has worse than before, why not in the playoffs to the last black?