"It was a very tricky question to NBA Live Coins judge in the top five of history, and I needed to be smart enough to be able to answer that." Booker said, "It's hard to just name the five greatest people, because every style of play But one thing is certain, and one of the top five in my history is for Kobe because he influenced the race and changed the race. "


Strictly speaking, "Daddy" is no longer an NBA player, but he is always trying to create momentum for his own son. For business reasons, this is understandable. But the recent "father" lashed Lakers coach Wharton useless son, the impact of this mouth gun probably really irreparable. After all, a coach has a player's life and death power, annoyed by Wharton, really "Ball" Bol for a year or two, I am afraid "ball father" looking for someone to cry no one is willing to listen. As Reggie - Miller has criticized, "father" doing so will really "ball" basketball career ruined.


Keep an eye on this tweet 5 years ago. That was February 2013 when ESPN reported that high school students were going to colleges and universities, they generally made the list of the top 100 high school students. At that time, Embi first ranked the top 100 high school students that year, from his start playing basketball count, but three years, has just emerged in the United States.