Cavaliers challenge Magic, and ultimately they beat the opponent to 131-127, Korver played 20 minutes 4 1, 3-pointers 3 vote 1 to get 3 points 2 rebounds, although not efficient, but with the field hit The record of one-third, Korver career hit third-digit third Pierce, tied for fourth in history .


In the second quarter left 9 minutes and 26 seconds, ambush in the corner Korver received Wade's pass, greet Peyton's blocked shot firmly hit third, by virtue of this record long shot, Section Wall's career three-pointers hit 2,143, tied Paul Pierce to fourth-place third in the draft, just below Ray Allen (2973), Reggie Miller (2560) And Terry (2244).


Originally, Korver can overtake the "truth" in the campaign, in the middle of the second quarter, James in the attract double team, pass the ball to Korver, after the catch, Korver slightly adjust the rhythm, horizontal jump One step, hit the negative point of this drift one-third, the ball is extremely difficult, the scene fans also issued a shocking sound, according to the scoreboard showed that Korver, a record three points to help the Knight chase the score 50 flat.