Prior to today, Knight consecutive defeats to NBA Live Coins the Timberwolves and the Raptors, today they lost to the Pacers 2 points, a reporter asked James whether this means that knights progress, James said: Win 4 negative, I did not see any progress the team. "


The campaign, James and his old friend Lance - Stephenson broke out in conflict, James also received a technical foul. Speaking after Stephenson, James said: "Stephenson is a bit dirty, that's it, he's a bit dirty, we've had holidays, and I should have known that as a student I knew that jester would not Fouled by foul technology, laughters were blown, and they caught me when I retaliated, but Stephenson still played well. "


The first section of the competition, Knight H 34 points under the net victory of 22 points, but they lost two of the middle two were 8 and 16 points. James said: "We played in the fourth quarter lack of energy, we have full energy in the first half, the third quarter of our execution is not as good as the first half, we let the opponent chase up."