The opening, both sides played carefully, the opening 2 and a half, Duck team defender Francois - Buchman used the club to cut a foul, give Sharks more playing less opportunities for the visiting team to establish a certain initiative. However, the Ducks team played a special team active, 4 blocked Shaq team shots, so that the visiting team in 2 minutes time only 1 shot.


The fourteenth minute, the shark team to NHL Coins use counterattack to break the deadlock on the field, defensive defender Mark - Andhvat-Vlasic rare move, his ball straight through the duckling guard Bechman's legs Find the forward in front of Tomash-Hertel, the latter back after the ball back, the ball again hit guard Brandon - Montor's legs, returned to the Frasic, the latter After the ball alone in the face of Gibson easily stabbed the ball scored, 1-0 shark lead.


However, the duck team did not irritable, they only get 30 seconds after the opportunity, but unfortunately three groups of center Adam - Henrik hit the post near the door, although the ducklings shot the first few positive to 12-8 Leading, but they can only take one ball behind into the second quarter.