"We were slower than expected in the 2017 season as the team shifted its focus very early to LOLGA 2018. Looking back, it might be time for us to start a new car development later, but I confirm that next season's new car will be Great progress. "


Tatiana Calderon confirmed that she will join the newly formed FIA Women's Motorsport Committee this year. Former Renault test driver Carmen - Jorda is also a member of the committee, but Caldron was included in the opposition as Spanish drivers said earlier that female drivers should not be competing against male drivers.


As the ruler of the world rally, although the Peugeot team never won the FIA ??Cross Country Rally Championship annual championship after returning to Dakar in 2015, the French regiment continued for three consecutive years The Dakar won the championship, winning two consecutive titles in the Silk Road rally won the absolute strength has been proved.