During the Clippers the two formed a profound friendship, Crawford said he had never seen such a direct, love curse the team leader, but the cooperation of a long time, you will find that he is really good for the team I did not do anything else.Crawford's poor performance in this game, his bench hit 18 minutes, 6 voted 0, no score, sent 5 assists and 1 steal. He used to play for many years as a Clippers player, who traded during the offseason to come to the Hawks and later bought off with the Hawks to NBA Live Coins become a free agent to introduce Jimmie Butler, Taj Gibson and Jeff Getty in the offseason Attracted his attention, he and the Timberwolves signed a two-year $ 9,000,000 contract, which contains the second year player options. Representative of the Timberwolves so far this season played all 47 games, averaging 18.7 minutes, 9.5 points and 1.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists.


During these four seasons, Kidd led the Bucks to a total record of 139 wins and 152 losses, and twice in the playoffs. However, after entering the season, the Bucks performance so far did not meet the expectations of the outside world. Before the start of the season, the Bucks predict the number of wins this season should be 47.5 games, but lost 6 games in the last 9 games, the latest basketball strength index BPI predicted that the Bucks this season's final victory Only 42 games, the winning percentage has just exceeded 50%.