Levi-Bell failed to negotiate with the Pittsburgh Steelers during 2017, and Bell was still training for some time. Eventually, the Pittsburgh Steelers provided Bell with a $ 12.1 million annual franchise tag if the Steelers 2018 were given special privileges Bell, Bell will get 14.5 million US dollars in salary, but Bell has said he will reject the franchise label, he wanted to Madden Coins seek a multi-year contract.


So far Levy - Bell career averages yards of 129 yards, NFL players in the first five years career average yardage the most players. But Levon-Bell did not know exactly what the team put him in a position, but Bell hopes that both sides can try to avoid the off-season negotiations on the off-season, leading to the failure of the negotiations.


"I hope everything is good, I do not want to repeat the sadness of the last offseason, we need to go further, so that everyone can feel happy, so that we can well into the next season, we do not want to do so Distracted. "This season Levon - Bell completed a total of 321 punches scored 1291 yards and 9 touchdowns, catching 85 shots and 655 yards and 2 touchdowns, is the league's top runway guard.