Easy side battles, although Harden feel in general, but as long as he holds the ball, it can bring no small pressure on the Heat's defense, his breakthrough caused White Sade had to make up for defense, gave Capella a rare The opportunity to take over the dunk. Back to the three-point line, Harden is more powerful, in this section, he hit a two-pointers to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins help the Rockets regain the lead. Harden single cut another eight points, the cumulative score has reached 23 points.


7 minutes and 36 seconds before the whistle, the two teams battle into 81 level, Harden back to the court, but he had not had time to contribute to the team, there should be two consecutive mistakes, pass behind a pass opponent steals, Another dribble is shipped to the teammate's body. Fortunately, he quickly sent an assists to help Tucker hit third, overtake the score again. The crucial moment, Harden or no mercy, a record far beyond the third, a note jumper in the distance, firmly in control of the field advantage. At the last moment, Harden's record of a seal of victory, before the opponent always cover the big white side, even tasted the taste of the Harden pot.