This season, Brady increased long-term, a corresponding increase in ball holding time, which means that the Patriots have to fight for the tackle to win more time, the contract year's left tackle Nate - Solde this season in the 620 file Pass protection was cut 4 times by opponents sacking, 6 hits and 41 hurried pass, pass protection success rate of Madden Coins 93.7% ranking all the tackles of the league's 56th, by his standards, this season's performance is bad ; And the main right-leaps forward Marcus - Cannon reimbursement, Super Bowl predestined starter Adriano - Wadeer season in the 180-pass protection was opponents cut 7 hits and 10 hurried pass Ball, pass protection The success rate of 92.9% ranked all the tackles of the league's 63rd, so Patriots offensive front protection outside the line, is their greatest weakness.


The Hawks, four years ago, is still playing "9 points wide" Brandon - Graham unimaginable this season, Schwartz will let him pass in the third gear from the inside, but also so successful. Arsenal three generations of Long, Curry and Barnett trio have 350 + playing time, the four pass efficiency in the league playing time reached 107 outboard defender, the top 45, that is , A Hawks team has more than four league average bursts. In the League final, when the Hawks started to take a leap forward, it was the players from Chongchong who came forward to make the conversion of the ball, eventually helping the Hawk to reverse. By the same token, each pass has maintained a good staffing, will make Brady pass each pass as a horse in the throat, even if Brady is "GOAT", I am afraid it is difficult in a long time under high pressure Maintain excellent athletic standards.