However, with the hollowing-out of the U.S. industry, in recent years some cities with strong industrial bases in the past are now required to re-activate the development of the local economy through the construction of Madden Coins the new stadium and using the economic benefits brought about by the Super Bowl. . For example, last year's oil town / space industry city of Houston, this year's Minnesota, and next year's Atlanta, Georgia are the case. Therefore, hosting the Super Bowl can also serve as a historic turning point in an industrial transformation and become a spiritual impetus to inspire every worker in the city to brave the challenge. Not only enhance the city's economic hard power, but also increased the cultural soft power, can be described as double-edged sword.


Nick - Falls led the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl, the individual also won the Super Bowl MVP, which is a beautiful story in the fourteenth week of the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson - With the cruciate ligament torn off and the season reimbursed, Nick Fowles defied the Hawks flag and his astonishing performance shocked the rugby world as a whole, wondering if Nick Fowles would replace the card Sen - the location of Wenz. But apparently, the Philadelphia Eagles still consider Wentz as the only core of the team, as Hawks coach Doug Petersen said.