The first 5 minutes, the Rangers seize the first move the Bruins beat the ball, deep trading rumors Rick - Nash dribbles from the backcourt after the ball in the midfield when he chose to hit the ball after the Bruins Field, while Brown Bear captain Zedanoe - Zhala face of this threatless pass mistakes, to keep breaking Nash broke after breaking the Rangers defense, in the face of NHL Coins Hu Dobin calm shot far into the network, 1 -0 Rangers lead.


However, 3 minutes later, the Bruins beat the score, the team's two forward formed a 3-in-1 quick counterattack after midfielder, teenager Denton - Haining instigated the offensive, he gave the ball to the right follow-up Veteran David - Bacchus, the latter shot vigorously shot after the ball was Reynquist bravely saved, but Bucks in the right wall grabbed a rebound in the ball after the sweep of the door, unmarked Riley - Nash stabbed the ball at close range, 1-1.


The first 16 minutes, the Bears team will exceed the score, they formed in the frontcourt for a long time to suppress the return, Chala long-range knocked the mountain Zhehu, although Reynquist saved the shot, but the three center David - Craig robbed Rebound after the ball continued to maintain the team's offensive, teenager Jack - Debrasik after the ball back to the Chala, the latter once again vigorously long-range, the ball hit the right corner of the net, Reynquist sight Blocked, failed to stop the ball flew into the door, 2-1.