As far as Rocket League's aggressive tiers go, Diamond is adjoin the top. It's not Champion (everyone wants to be Champion), but it takes a acceptable bit of adherence and time to get there. According to Rocket League Crates this breakdown of the a lot of contempo aggressive season, Diamond-or-better players are in the top 3.23% to 10.59% depending on which playlist they favor.


That's why some humans were none too admiring with their Division 6 reward. Traditionally, rewards get added adorned the college the rank. Division 3's four sets of auto are a acceptable example. However, Division 6's Diamond auto don't angle out in the aloft way. Here's what they attending like in-game:That's alteration though! Abundant like if abundant players said "Nah, in actuality dragons are bruised as hell," Psyonix is authoritative tweaks based on the community's input. If a mini-update rolls out sometimes in the alpha of March, the Diamond auto will be adapted to attending like this.