This is a title that has been in development for a long time as they hammer out what works and what doesn’t through testing with the community. For the most part, this has worked out as they are able to ARK Survival Evolved Items implement suggestions that wouldn’t have occurred to them or, also common, decide to undertake a task that was previously thought too difficult to implement with what was built solely because so many people want it. Sometimes, though, they had to implement systems that went over poorly at first. An example of this would be the stamina system for flying creatures. Prior to its addition, players could fly around to their heart’s content, never needing to worry about landing. While this might have been fun, people were literally only seeing the forest, and missing the trees. With all of the details that have been built into the main island, the developers wanted to force the player to land once in a while to check things out. Initially, this was met with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, but soon the community realized what they were missing, and grew to appreciate it.


Major changes like this won’t be occurring again before release. At this point, the team feels that the systems are in place with just some fine tuning needed. Now, in addition to this work, they are working to build out the lore in the game, adding in a full storyline that can be played out by the gamer if they so choose, including an actual final boss. All of the weird runes and obelisks do have a meaning, and it will become clear.