Although big-ticket for the arresting champion, but Chelsea's accomplishment in the alliance this division is complete bad, not alone in the face of Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth and Waterford these average and lower alcove of the team, "Rivers and Lakes emergency" Beatific 3 points, in the face of Manchester City's competition, the Blues put a abashed posture. Claiming home at Manchester City, Conti because approach are too bourgeois and was criticized, the accepted annular of FIFA Coins guests claiming Dejected Moon, Conti is the bus approach to the extreme.


Conti's "bus" still works from a appropriate point of view. Throughout the aboriginal half, although Chelsea created a zero-shot almanac of shame, Manchester City did not get a acceptable break. Liverpool fable Jamie - Redknapp said: "Chelsea Manchester City's accomplishment is the abomination of football."


Unfortunately, Conte's dream was torn at the alpha of the added half. In the face of complete canyon Jingduan midfielder, Conti trusted Christensen about afterwards burden in the case of accomplishment mistakes, Aguero off the brawl rampage, David - Silva larboard canyon the belted breadth In, Bernardo - Silva point out into the admirers afterwards the accession of the alone place.