Magic coach Frank Vogel received an interview today, responding to Jonathan Isaak on both ends of the floor.


Isaac defensive end after the return is still stable, but the offensive contribution is very small.


"I'm not worried about him at all," Vogel said. "He'll be fine, he knows it will take some time, both on offense and defense, and he'll take the time to find his own pace, so I'm right That's not worried. "


Isaac himself said she would do her best to NBA Live Coins keep going.


"I continue to move forward based on my beliefs, exerting pressure on myself and doing what I can," Isaac said. "I'll be fine."


For his previous injury, Isaac said it has recovered well.


"I feel good," Isaac said. "At first it was tough to play against the Jazz, and I felt good about it there. It was just a bit tired, but it feels good, especially since the second half When I feel like I'm ready for a longer playing time, this is what the coach needs. "


Isaac played Magic on behalf of the season 18 times, averaging 18.6 minutes and 4.6 points and 3.7 rebounds and 1.17 blocks.