That said, the game is a solid pickup in its own right as well. Following a format change to start off the year, the game has seen a number of successes, including the aforementioned partnerships with NBC Sports and the X Games. Psyonix has also shown that it’s fine experimenting with less-than-traditional marketing, with the recent WWE sponsorship as a perfect example. Also propelling the game forward was the news at E3 that it was coming to the Nintendo Switch, complete with cross-play to Rocket League Keys its Xbox One and PC siblings.


If you've ever seen children play soccer you can easily understand why the sport is known as the World Game. The barrier for entry to play football is nearly non-existent — many of the smallest children don't even kick the ball, instead simply colliding with it as they run around the pitch. It's the first experience with team sports that many people worldwide will have, and it sticks. At some level everyone understands soccer, because reduced to its simplest level soccer is just a series of collisions between legs and a big ball.