Klopp’s original intention in using Chamberlain was to FIFA Coins attack the defensive stance, that is, to use its characteristics of being able to improve the elasticity and vitality of the right side rib, and further enhance the fluidity and pressure of the midfield. Grab the number 10 player to organize the offense. In the game that ended the Blue Moon season unbeaten, Chamberlain's vitality is a good deterrent to Manchester City's ground-flowing offensive, but Manchester United's offensive game mode and game style are different from Manchester City.


The success of beating Manchester City is old. Trafford does not apply. The high level of the Red Army's campaign was much lower than when he defeated Manchester City. When Chamberlain could not play a role in the high pressure, his weakness would be revealed when the opponent controlled the ball. Wenger gave up the trial shortly after transforming Chamberlain into a "muscle midfielder," because the Englishman's defensive position after falling into a low position did not meet the criteria for a midfielder.