"Unfortunately, Rushford's coach is Mourinho! Because usually the coach needs to give an English player a chance, even if he makes mistakes sometimes. But Mourinho will not give a chance, he thought The only result is that if Manchester United's performance in one or two games is not very good, he will not send Lashford anymore.Lushford is very young and he needs to FIFA Coins play, he is very talented, let the fans weekly Everyone wants to watch him play," De Boer said.


For the irony of Mourinho, Debord did not immediately fight back. After Manchester United lost to Sevilla, Debord also retook Mourinho. After all, Mourinho was in this game. The command and the formation were questioned: "Mourinho can say that I was the worst coach in the history of the Premier League, but tonight, he spent about 10 billion pounds coaching coach but led the team into the bear-like ."