The Bucks defeated the Warriors 116-107 today, and the stag star Ignacio Adetokou Kunpo received a media interview after the game.


"This gives us a lot of confidence. We have a game tomorrow. We have to NBA Live Coins play hard to play against the Lakers. It's the same tomorrow. Tonight is a great victory," said Adetokounmpo.


Speaking of his ankles, Adetokounmpo said: "I feel very good. I just want to take a wound and stick with the game. This is what I do and I insist on my teammates."


"Play good defense and play good defense against the Lakers tomorrow," said Adetokounmpo.


In today’s game, Adeto Kunpo scored 35 minutes and scored 32 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals.