In the second quarter, Rettenham continued to miss out, and McKenna continued to meet the challenge of the Sharks. The home team also continued to take the initiative on the field. They shot at a positive number and they continued to occupy the initiative with 8-2. The star team was once in a precarious position. In the 17th minute, the Sharks once again had a great chance. Mikel Bodgga After sending the ball off the field, he sent a pass, allowing Kechuer to get a single-handed opportunity. He faced McCanna to calmly pull the ball to NHL Coins the backhand and shot after the goal, but McCann spotted the opportunity, calmly made a save, follow-up Bo Degas shots were also saved by McCann.


Inspired by McConnell's outstanding performance, the Stars used the pre-match to attack the Sharks' front door in the final moment of the second quarter. They finally regained one game with 30 seconds remaining. The guard John Klienberg was After passing the ball on the right, a strong pass was made. The ball passed through the legs of defensive defender Mark Andvard-Vlasic, the shark's top defensive defender. He found follow-up captain Jamie Ben, who rushed to the ball. The goal was scored with a shot, 2-1, and the star team finally regained the city at the end of the second quarter.