With the recent introduction of star Jimmy Graham, Rogers apparently lost his place in the packer, so considering his performance in the previous two seasons, it is not surprising that the team will cut him off. In the upcoming new season, Rogers needs to establish new contacts with Wences and Falls in the new team and integrate into the Eagles' new system.


This busy offseason never lacks big news. Some teams have big headlines in continuous big deals. Some players can make headlines with the chaotic private life on the court, but other players choose to use life to Madden Coins grab headlines. What exactly is happening? Let's take a look.


The Saints star running back Marc Ingram is in Italy and Lex-Ryan, Mario Addison and others to participate in the NFL's military exploration activities. In order to understand how powerful the military dogs, Ingram decided to try dog. In the video, he saw him wearing a black protective clothing posing as a villain. An Italian military dog ??swayed from behind and jumped up to Ingram's back and caught the back of his back in a protective gear. This seemingly small army dog ??actually knocked Ingram down to the ground, as if Ingram was like a small tank-like body in his mouth like a sack of potatoes as easy. At this point the security personnel quickly stepped forward and immediately ended the experiment.