Greg Olsen, a near-term forward of the Carolina Panthers, is one of the league's most consistent near-fingers. He is the first near-end forward who has received over a thousand yards in consecutive seasons.


For the second year in a row, he made it clear to the team during the offseason that he wanted a new contract.


While expressing his desire to remain in the Panthers after the current contract expires, Olsen expressed hope to the media that he can get a new contract before the start of the season.


"To be honest, I would like to know that I can stay in the Panthers after this year. Whether this will happen or not, we will wait and see," Olson said. "But this will be ideal and this will help answer some unknown questions."


A year ago, when the Panthers were in no hurry to Madden Coins renew their contract with him, Olsen threatened to stop training. But then Dave Gettleman, the then general manager, was fired, and the new general manager, Marty Hurney, added some bonus revenue to Olsen's contract. Olson reported to the camp last time and said he did not want to distract his teammates.


The Panthers also hope that as the team transitions to the offensive system of the new offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, Olson, one of the team's most consistent catchers, will return to the best. His foot fracture last season led him to miss nine games. If he can fully recover health then it is a good thing for the Panthers, but it seems that the Panthers need to make some of their own in addition to Olson's restoration of health. Work hard.