"I only know one thing about the standard of FIFA Coins playing. That is your performance. This is the only criterion for me to pick players. Do you think I will consider their worth? Or their salary? Or their handsome face? The only determinant It's performance.” In this regard, both Sky Sports and The Post reported that Mourinho’s most likely is Pogba. In Sunday’s game, the United King was replaced in the 58th minute. . When asked about Pogba's performance, Mourinho said: "Not only he, when he had a yellow card, was more difficult than other players. At the time there were only two midfielders, and one of them was not reckless. Foul, if we can control the ball at the time there is no problem, but there is no."


"We lost a lot of ball rights at the time, leaving midfielders and central defenders at great risk. And Paul came out because of the yellow card. In his performance, he was not more than a full game. The players are bad.” Matta, who started on Sunday, also admitted that the team's performance in that game was poor: “I know we don’t want to see any reports after such a loss. Any comments sound like empty talk. I'm not explaining anything, or making excuses. We played a bad game on Sunday and I didn't want to change the subject, but our performance was indeed lower than we expected."