In the last game, the Maple Leafs played a proactive and occupied a certain advantage in the scene. This game will be Nazem Caderh's final ban. If they can successfully survive the game, they will welcome the next game. With the return of strong support, the fight between the two sides will be even more annoying. In the frontcourt, Austen Matthews paired William Niland and Zach Hyman. The second group was Patrick Malone with Mitchell-Marner and Tomas-Plecany. Odd, the three groups are Taylor-Pozak's partner Conner-Brown and James-Vaam Riemstek, and the four groups are Dominique Moore, Caspar Kaparin and Andres Janssen. . Although Matthews scored a goal in the last game, his brilliance was overshadowed by the second group's Marner. The latter's two key assists helped the team withstand pressure at the most critical time.


In the backcourt, one group is Jack Gardiner's partner Nikita Zaitsev, the second is Morgan-Rally's partner Lion Heinsey, and the third is Chaivis-Delmet's partner Roman- Pollack. Riley played two assists in the face of the brown bears most of the time in the last game, showing the core of the backcourt. Another high scorer with a threat from Gardiner was 7-4. The dominant rate is also the best for the team. The performance of the two players in this game is still critical. The goalkeeper position, playing game Frederic Anderson faced 42 shots to NHL 18 Coins make 40 save, the game he can block the Bruins offensive will become the key to the game.