Jason Witten is not only the best near-end striker in the history of Cheap Madden 18 Coins the Dallas Cowboys, he is also one of the NFL's best and best-in-breed forwards. Jason Witten scored the 69th in the third round of 2003 and was selected by the Cowboys. He has played in the Dallas Cowboys for 15 seasons. He played 239 games in total, completed 1152 tackles, scored 12,448 yards, and completed a total of 68 touchdowns. In his 15-year professional career, Jason Witten has been selected 11 times in the All-Star Pro Bowl and has been selected as the best first-team in the season. Jason Witten is the second best player in NFL history to catch more than 12,000 yards. This is only after Tony Gonzalez (15,127 yards). In addition, Jason Witten Playing 235 games in a row, is the second most active player in active service.


In the 2017 season, Jason Witten only signed a four-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys. The 35-year-old was supposed to continue playing for 2-3 years and return to the stadium in the 2018 season, but the family Health is the first thing Witten considers at this age, and like his old friend Tony Romo, many sports online media including ESPN have sent invitations like Witten to hope that Witten can become Their NFL commentator and analyst. After all, at the 35-year-old age, continuing to fight for the NFL is obviously a matter of paying more attention, so a relaxed and rewarding job like explanation would definitely make Witten impulsive, so Witten thought of retiring as early as a few weeks. He discussed the matter with the cowboy before.