As we all know, in the last two years, Manchester City has invested huge sums of FIFA 18 Coins money as usual, but Guayue City is more inclined to introduce young players, which will greatly reduce the average age of the team. This will also make Manchester City players still have a very high economy at the next transfer. significance. The famous football observatory is based on the player's age, strength and duration of the contract. It evaluates the average transfer value of players in the five major league teams in Europe. Among them, Manchester City ranks first with a per capita of 55.4 million pounds. Among them, Manchester City has seven players worth more than 88 million pounds, including Debrauenne, Sane, Aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Bernardo Silva and Edson. .


In the second place is the La Liga champion Barcelona, ??although Messi, Coutinho, Jordi Dembele's transfer value is more than 100 million, but if the overall team player, Barcelona player's average transfer value is only 4880 Ten thousand pounds, and Tottenham, known for its youth ranks, ranked third with £45.2 million. The 4th to 10th are respectively Liverpool, Atletico, Chelsea, Manchester United, Paris, Real Madrid and Juventus. From 11th to 20th, they are Naples, Rome, Bayern, Arsenal, Monaco, Red Bull in Leipzig, AC Milan, Lyon, Valencia and Inter Milan.