If the number of match points was wasted, the New York Rangers were the first to suffer from the capital team leaded by Ovechegin. In 2012 and 2015, the two teams met in the Eastern Semifinals for the second time. The Capital Team once had 4 Although holding the match point, it has never been able to turn the advantage into victory. In Madison's world-famous Flower Square Garden in the 12th, the two teams' 7th battle, the goalkeeper Henrik-Lonquist became the defensive offensive. He dismissed the capital's 23 shots 22 times and led the Rangers. 2-1 a walk to take Ovechekin. In the 2015 season, the capitals early made a 3-1 lead, but it was this damn, the last game that sealed the victory, but it was never able to win. For Capitals fans, the most irritating thing is that the capitalists in these three games all scored a bit to NHL 18 Coins drink hate, and the fifth and final seventh game of the game was two times into overtime. However, capitalists who missed the opportunity several times can only watch the opportunity to advance from the hands once and for all.


For Ovechegin and the capitalists, Crosby and his penguins are like a scorpion, an insurmountable chasm, always pressing himself. In fact, as early as Ovechegin’s time, both sides have had 10 playoff games against the season since the 1991 season. The Penguins’ nine wins prevailed. The Capitalists won only once in 1994. Only.