And to be clear, shutouts aren’t just the cherries on top of NHL 18 Coins a successful netminder’s playoff sundae — there have been 14 goalie-seasons from 1979-80 to 2016-172 in which four or more shutouts were posted in a single playoff run, and in six of those, the goalie’s team won the Stanley Cup.


And while shutouts are good — they literally guarantee victory in the playoffs — it’s not just in the shutout column that Fleury has impressed: As it stands, he ranks ninth all-time in goals against average for a single playoffs among goalies post-1980 and second all-time in save percentage for a single playoffs among all goalies in the history of the NHL. All this even though the Golden Knights are giving up the most shots per game among teams that are still fighting for the Cup. And despite his reputation as a uniquely bad playoff goalie.