It might have been a while since you’ve played a hockey video game, and that’s fine. That’s totally normal. You’re probably not picking up the latest offering from EA Sports every year like you pick up the new installment of NHL 18 Coins Madden, or NBA 2K (or even WWE 2K). But NHL 18 has pretty much everything you could want from a hockey game, and this most recent installment from EA should be on your list if you think you might need a hockey game in your collection. (And really, what collection of video games is complete without hockey?)


For Madden or FIFA fans, NHL 18 of course offers all the deep sim modes and options you crave if you’re the type who likes to dig in there and Generally Manage (or own) a virtual team. One fantastic new wrinkle is that, with the addition to the league of the Vegas Golden Knights, there was an expansion NHL draft back in June. Thanks to that real-life weirdness (and wonderfulness), there are a couple of options you can use to launch right into a franchise mode.