The new Land VI Rank VI will feature combat vehicles from the 1960s to War Thunder Golden Eagles the 1970s while introducing new technologies typical of modern tank construction. New generations of armor protection - compound and reactive armor (ERA) - will provide increased protection against bullets and missiles, and stabilized guns make firing in motion much more effective. Fog grenades, hydraulically adjustable armored bogies and modern guided missile launcher will open up new tactical possibilities and make the feeling on the high ranks even more dynamic and versatile.



The first vehicles of the new Rank VI are the T-64A and the BMP-1 for the USSR, the M60A1 Rise (P) and the MBT-70 for the US, the Chieftain Mk.10 and the FV102 Striker for the UK and the KPz , 70 for Germany. The remaining ranks receive a total of two dozen new vehicles and aircraft. These include the XA-38 Grizzly for the US, a fighter equipped with a 7.5cm anti-tank gun, and the Soviet Be-6 flying boat, which has a total of five 23mm cannons in three buckets and can carry up to four tonnes of bombs.