The Yankee played only four hits. Stanton and Román each had a second base. Although they had captured 8 points in a circle, they only had 1 hit, and Grenolus played an infield hit. Can not return to Cheap MLB18 Stubs the second base Stanton; Ray appeared 9 hits throughout the game, Bowles, CJ-Clone, Robertson and Smith each have a second base hit, the ninth club Adams has a homer contribution of 2 points RBI.


Yankee pitcher Sonny Grey, who played 6.2 games, lost 6 points and lost 4 points, sent 7 strikeouts, and had a self-blaming rate of 4.93. He swallowed the 5th loss of the season. Although 6 hits may not seem like much, 4 of them are long play, which also hurt the team. Gray never found the kind of aces he had in sports players since coming to Yankee to see how the coach team made adjustments; Ray Starter pitcher Wilmo-vont was the main shooter in 5.2 and only 3 hits and no points were dropped. , Sent four strikeouts, the self-accusation rate was 4.71, won the first win of the season.